American Way Delivery provides our patients in the Coachella Valley with easy and discreet access to safe, effective medicinal products. We offer outstanding value and service. We only feature products from trusted and experienced suppliers. All of our products are free of pesticides, fungicides, and other toxic chemicals. Additionally, our services and products are in full compliance with all requirements of local and state laws.

American Way Delivery offers:

- Professional and prompt delivery drivers 

- Extensive products menu 

- Secure and discreet ordering 

- Fantastic customer service 

- A $40 minimum for deliveries throughout our service area 

- 5g 1/8 flower (all strains) 

- Driver updates to keep you informed of your delivery 

- Menu items described as accurately as possible 

- A rewards program for all our products 

- A wide variety of tested, certified and verified name brand products 

- No trim pre rolls

Serving The Entire

Coachella Valley

Open Daily

(760) 422-5577